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YuChip is a Transparent LED screen manufacturer and LED service provider in China. Our company has made it a priority to provide our clients with high-performing LED Screen solutions that are designed for specific requirements and advertising needs.
With decades of collective experience in the LED screen industry, our company possesses excellent manufacturing facilities and extensive knowledge in commercial, industrial, and residential LED screen projects.

Transparent LED Screen Series

The YuChip company offers a wide variety of quality and cost-effective LED Screen solutions. These items are superior to those that are now held to the highest standards in the industry. Send us an inquiry to experience a one-of-a-kind design by altering the size, shape, and curvature of our LED screens!
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Trasnsparent LED Screen 1000x1000mm Extrusion Aluminum

1000x1000mm extrusion aluminum transparent LED screens are versatile and cost-effective when it comes to large-scale applications.

LED-Transparent-Display-1000x500mm-Extrusion-Aluminum (1)

Transparent LED Screen 1000x500mm Extrusion Aluminum

Curved and other custom-shaped transparent LED screens can be made with more ease using 1000x500mm extrusion aluminum screens.


Glass LED Screen
1000x500mm Die-casting Aluminum

It is appropriate for frequent rental to use a 1000x500mm die-casting aluminum transparent screen. With superior aerodynamics, it’s an excellent choice.

What is a Transparent LED Screen?

A Transparent LED Screen, commonly known as a “see-through screen,” is a sort of electronic display panel solution that allows the user to look through it while still being able to access the screen’s content. In addition, Transparent LED Screens integrate the display’s active grid into the field of view, making them more compact than systems based on combinations.

Pixel pitches

Yuchip provides clients with a wide variety of pixel pitches for transparent LED screens. Pixel pitches include P2.8, P3.1, P3.9, P7.8, P10.42, and others that we will tailor to meet your specific requirements.

Efficient sizes

The Transparent LED Screens had constructed with modular cabinets. Sizes vary from 500x500mm to 1000x500mm in size depending on the project requirements.

Customized shapes

YuChip can craft your transparent LED Screens to shape either flat or curved. To meet the requirements of your installation site, you can send an inquiry now.

What are the features of Transparent LED Screen?


Introducing the Transparent LED Screen’s Ultra-Transparency!
A transparent LED Screen has a permeability of 60–90 percent.  It is translucent, allows ventilation, and does not impact the lighting or the line of sight. It is an excellent material for the installation of glass walls.
With these features in mind, the transparent LED Screen is suitable for advertisements, establishments, and enhancement of the realm area.

Thin and easy light installation

Our transparent LED Screens feature thin and easy light installation.
Since the Transparent LED Screen has easy light installation, there is no need for a steel structure anymore. The installation is immediately linked to the wall, which saves both space and the cost of installation.
Great convenience offered!
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Indoor installation for outdoor viewing

In comparison to outdoor advertising, the Transparent LED Screen can be installed through an indoor installation method for outdoor viewing.
Maintenance is now much easier and much quicker. Such maintenance can be done from the front or back and the clearance process is far less complex. 
Also! YuChip will assist you in a much more accessible way. Clients will also receive a guaranteed three-year warranty on the entire transparent LED screen series.

A wide range of options are available for customization

A standard cabinet is unable to accommodate all these variations. In this case, Transparent LED Screens today come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. 
YuChip offers the flexibility to create the best product solution for each project. Plus! This feature also focuses on maintaining transparency, completeness, and consistency. Without compromising the features, we can craft your own based on your needs.

Energy efficient and quick-cooling

The YuChip’s transparent LED Screens are customized to be energy efficient and quick-cooling. This feature enables the LED Screens to function with exceptional performance.
In this case, Transparent LED Screen is sustainable for long-term use. It can adapt to different environments considering its efficiency and effectiveness.
Plus! Having this feature, Transparent LED Screens are now less expensive to operate due to their eminent high cooling effect.

What are the benefits of using Transparent LED Screen?

The benefits of a Transparent LED Screen are highly-commendable and trusted by industry-leading brands. On the world stage, screens that command attention and are extremely impressive and memorable may be created with LED screens using this technology.

Take into account: The impact of LED transparency.

The level of transparency offered by Transparent LED screens is unique (>73 percent to >93 percent). It will offer your indoor shopping space the best of both worlds. This is made possible by allowing natural sunlight to filter through for a pleasant indoor. Plus, shopping experience while also allowing passers-by from the outside to see in.

Various design—customize the size you need

It is possible to build small, medium, large, and even extra-large LED panels using Transparent LED Screens. It is available in conventional cabinet sizes of 500x500mm and 1000x500mm. Plus! Its sizes do not end there because it is customizable! Besides, Quality brightness and resolution are maintained no matter what size you design. Such perfect assembly alignment is ensured by the lightweight and compact module frames.

Durable, low in energy consumption, and environmentally friendly

Transparent LED screens offer one of the best energy usage savings on the market today. Compared to the ordinary LCD projection, it is durable and low energy! For an instance, Transparent LED Screens have a high life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours. These screens are so brilliant that they can be seen even in full daylight.

Observe the difference—more it's compact and lightweight.

Lightweight aluminum and unique LED technology are used to build Transparent LED Screens. These are both efficient and functional. They weigh the following such measures: 15KG/㎡ 15KG/㎡ 14KG/㎡ 14KG/㎡ 14KG/㎡ depending on the model of the transparent LED. Such benefit renders the transparent LED Screen to be more cost-effective to ship and safer to erect.

Low-maintenance screens—easy to keep up

A transparent LED Screen requires minimal maintenance. Since LED strips have a high life expectancy, users can update fast and easily without the need to replace the complete module. Foremost, Transparent LED will last for many years, given the fact that you can fix it quickly and inexpensively. Transparent LED Screens can either be hung or mounted, and the power supplies are integrated into the frame.

Updates that are convenient and available whenever you need them

It is easy to make program modifications to the display screen of your Transparent LED Screen (accordingly for static and video content). A control system unit that is connected to your computer gives you the ability to make changes whenever you want. It also provides you with an easy-to-use software interface that makes it simple for you to update sign displays in real-time, remotely, or in advance.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Our company has compiled a list of the questions that are most frequently asked about Yuchip’s Transparent LED Screen and top-notch technology. Hop on and read below for your convenience! 

A Transparent LED Screen has a glass-like surface and provides consumers with high-definition images. Companies implement a high-quality led display screen as it creates a great visual and branding. It allows users to peek behind the screen, which the term “see-through screen” has been coined.

The Transparent LED screen resembles a glass curtain wall in appearance. It is perfect for use in vast areas and outdoor advertising. These screens are gaining popularity for various reasons including the fact that they will be mounted in any place with the appropriate room.

  • Front-emitting LED

In the market, the typical package lamp beads are used by most transparent screen producers for the front-emitting LED. An increase in structural span can have an impact on aesthetics due to a lower permeability of the screen and lower cost.

  • Side-emitting

It has a low structural span, excellent permeability, and attractive aesthetics, making it ideal for LED screen factory mass production on a big scale.

  • Curved designs. It is particularly useful to use curved screens when installing them on high terrain, as they allow for clear views even from the ground level above.
  • Shaped/ Squared. LED screens with malleable modules can be molded and changed into a variety of designs to fit your expectations and project goals.
  • Digital Effect Boards. In addition to being used as an advertising or information board, transparent LED screens can be used as a video effect wall. Increase the number of people who visit your establishment by playing 3D animations and films, optical illusions, and other similar mediums.

A LED transparent screen’s brightness can be identified as follows, depending on the application:

  • OUTDOOR APPLICATION. Transparent LED screens in sunny environments have a particularly high level of brightness because of the glare from the sun. Using a low-luminance transparent screen in a bright environment will result in blurry visuals and other anomalies.
  • INDOOR APPLICATION. Purely indoor application settings, such as corporate exhibition halls, hotel lobbies, data centers, and other similar places. The brightness of a completely indoor enviroment is low, and the illumination of a transparent LED screen should ideally fall between 1000 and 2500 cd/m2; nonetheless, it is strongly advised that this range not be exceeded. 

Since 2004, YUCHIP has been recognized as one of the most reliable and professional LED screen manufacturers in China. We are strongly committed to providing the most innovative LED Screens in the industry.

Besides, YuChip’s LED Screens and its superior top-notch technology have already reached over 102 countries. The exceptional technology has been awarded certifications such as ISO9001-2015, CE, RoHS, CCC, FCC, TUV, SABER, CONCAP, BIS, and others. 

In serving our clients, we make sure that our service matches our customer’s specific needs. If you are still unable to locate the resources that you require, please call us: at +86-137-9850-8687, and we would be happy to assist you.

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Working with YuChip was a pleasure for our organization. It's a terrific investment to buy one of their Transparent LED Screens because they're not only affordable but also ageless. A return collaboration with them is something I eagerly await with great excitement.
From Dubai
Outdoor advertising with a transparent LED screen was a brilliant idea! After purchasing and installing this glass-like screen from the YuChip Company and great team, we saw a significant increase in sales for our product lines. Definitely a smart investment!
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