P3 Indoor Rental Led Display

YuChip is a prominent P3 Indoor Led Display Rental supplier and manufacturer in China. With the continuous development of technology producing Led Display, the performance of the led has drastically improved resulting in super fine and high-quality pictures on Led video screens and a much wider viewing angle. Applications of it include indoor meetings and exhibitions, stage performances, talent shows, concerts, and other indoor events. Know more about our products by contacting us!

Other Features

High-quality component

The P3 Rental Indoor Led Display is made out of die-cast aluminum cabinet making it adaptable to weather conditions (water resistant and heat proof).

SMD Full color LED

The P3 Rental Led Indoor Display is integrated with 3in1 SMD full-color LED Block modules which ensures excellent performance of the LED display with high definition, refresh rate, grayscale, and color.

Unique Cabinet design 

Due to the P3 Indoor Rental Led Screen being made with die-cast aluminum, each cabinet has a minimal tolerance making it very easy to move, connect, and install. 

Other Advantages:

  • Ultra-thin and lightweight design for indoor rental use.
  • Produces high-definition images with a 111000 pixels per square meter density.
  • Compact and slim (70mm deep and 4.5kg/cabinet)
  • Easy to install and cost-effective with 4 interlocks

(P3 Indoor Rental Led Display)

P3 Rental Led Indoor Display

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