Outdoor Rental LED Screen

YuChip is an exceptional Outdoor Rental LED Screen Manufacturer & Supplier in China. Our company is dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers by delivering high-performing Outdoor Rental LED Screen and viable solutions that are tailored to their specifications.
Our manufacturing facilities are exceptional, and we have vast expertise installing led screens in commercial and industrial settings as well as in private buildings. In addition, we have competent professional experience in the led screen industry that makes us renowned!

Displayed Outdoor Rental LED Screens

The led screen technology developed by YuChip is state-of-the-art and applicable in many fields. With the help of our outdoor video wall rental, landscapes, factories, parking lots, and other open places can be converted into one-of-a-kind scenarios. In order to meet your specific requirements, we offer a range of power levels, color temperatures, aesthetic choices, and installation methods.


Outdoor P2.6 Rental LED Screen

Outdoor events with our YUCHIP 2.6 mm LED Wall, one of our rentable LED displays, are sure to be a smashing success. Due to its high illumination and refresh rate, an ORLS 2.6 LED screen may produce striking visual and compelling keyframe animation. A LED wall with a pixel pitch of only 2.6 millimeters can dramatically improve picture quality for better service!

Outdoor P2.9 Rental LED Screen

As the 2.9 mm LED wall is compatible with a wide range of input signals, you can use it with a wide selection of control channels. For this purpose, you can use whatever is handy to you in catering your celebrations and events. These signals are processed by a video processor, which is crafted by companies like RGBlink, VDWALL, or Magnimage for your convenience.

Outdoor P3.91 Rental LED Screen

If you’re looking to pump up the energy at your gathering, rent a OLRS 3.91 LED Display from YUCHIP’s outdoor rental line. The newest and most cutting-edge anti-collision technology has been incorporated into the YUCHIP LED screen P3, which makes the LED screen more robust and stable when it is being installed at rental events.

Outdoor P4.81 Rental LED Screen

In terms of stage structure and backdrop requirements, the P4.81 LED screen as an outdoor rental LED display is the appropriate choice. When Led displays such as outdoor rental LED displays are featured, the rhythm, lighting, and production design are given a reasonable overall look. In addition, LED screens also give a more professional appearance for gatherings due to the P4.81 LED wall’s fantastic and functional elements.

Outdoor P5.95 Rental LED Screen

The P5.95 outdoor LED display is ideal for use in huge settings due to its high refresh rates and strong contrast. It is capable of reaching 16 bits and provides a vibrant viewing experience. The sharpness of its resolution allows it to display explicit material in an authentic manner on occasion. Since it has a faster refresh frequency, you won’t experience any delays when displaying material on it.

Outdoor P6.25 Rental LED Screen

The P6.25 Indoor LED Display creates a bigger viewing area with viewing images that are 150 on the vertical and 120 on the horizontal. Since it is able to obtain elevated viewing content in whatever angle that the viewer is looking at, it is ideal for use in presentations and conferences. People that see both sides will not experience any difficulties in getting a clear presentation of the topic as a result.

Outdoor Curved P6.25 Rental LED Screen

P6.25 Curved LED Panels are exceptionally functional. The flexibility of its panels and modules makes it ideal for reshaping into both convex and concave arcs. Modular screens improve the aesthetics of a space by adding personality, originality, and appeal. LED Curved Tiles have several applications and can be seen in a variety of settings including museums, galleries, outdoor events, trade exhibitions, and public buildings. Leasing services fall under this category as well, and if you go that method you can easily increase your return on investment by a factor of two or three.

Outdoor P8.0 Rental LED Screen

Rental Perimeter LED Display Screen is a specialized form of the Display Panel used in televised sports, live broadcasts, and commercial advertising. It performs effectively with sports competitions that repeat on a regular timetable whether may it be seasonal or annually. Operators and organizers may easily take them from one location to another because of their lightweight and compact design. In particular, IP65 protection rate is especially useful for high-resolution outdoor applications.

Outdoor P10.42 Rental LED Screen

P10.42 is the best outdoor rental led display for your creative display at fairs, festivals, and other outdoor rental events. The P10.42 Outdoor Rental LED Display’s rapid refresh rate, brilliant color reproduction, and robust contrast eliminate the lag and smearing common to other outdoor displays when seen in the bright sunshine. It has a clean picture without blur and distortions. YUCHIP is highly adaptable, allowing you to pick your own dimensions, settings, pixel pitch, and so on.

Outdoor B Series Rental LED Screen

OLRS B Series is the perfect option whether you’re looking to rent for indoor or outdoor use. Images, videos, and animations benefit from the extreme HD effect, making them look lifelike and crisp. Cabinets made from die-cast aluminum ensure a perfectly flat and smooth display. It’s well-balanced, and the dot-to-dot correcting technology gives you a clean picture with fine tonal transitions.


Outdoor C Series Rental LED Screen

The high-definition display used in the Rental LED Wall C-Series produces striking visual effects. By adding the right amount of illumination, originality, flavor, and theme to the area around you, you may expect to draw in a larger and larger number of customers and spectators over time. Further, Rental LED Wall C Series displays employ a high-quality LED bulb to project crisp, detailed, and flicker-free images.

Outdoor F Series Rental LED Screen

LED Displays from the YUCHIP Outdoor Rental F series are suitable for usage in outdoor rental environments and can be installed directly on stage floors. Only the see-through PVC needs to be concealed by the one-of-a-kind cabinet design. It is capable of withstanding weight equal to two tons. Enjoy an unprecedented level of visual pleasure with picture quality that is ideal in ultra-high definition, brought to you by an amazingly excellent contrast screen with a high-quality projection.

Outdoor Q Series Rental LED Screen

LED display rental Q Series boasts flawless image resolution, amazing definition, and dynamic counterbalance for unrivaled viewing pleasure. It’s a great attention-getter and adds a lot to the effectiveness of commercials. Performances, shopping malls, and a great many more can all benefit from the versatility of the LED Wall Rental Outdoor Q Series

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Different sized and shaped indoor LED screens are available. YuChip has released a wide variety of LED Screen designs over the years, so there’s a good chance one of them may appeal to you. Aside from our well-known pixels, its features and affordable costs are what set it apart. Get a copy of our catalog right away!

Special Features

Brightness & Illumination

LED walls can bring you great visual and vivid impactful video effects with their great illumination and high refresh rate. Brightness and illumination are attributes of an LED panel or wall that is of the most consideration. The brightness is one essential factor that would impact your application. Either it’ll make it better or improve the outlook of the setting. The brightness of the Outdoor LED wall can reach up to 3500-4500, which is relatively high and best for outdoor LED screen on rent.

Perfect Modular Design

A novel design strategy was implemented in order to facilitate easier servicing of the outdoor full-color rental LED display. LED display screens that are rented out are frequently taken apart, reassembled, and relocated. It is possible to mistakenly cause harm to the components of the product in many scenarios. Due to its modular architecture, maintenance is simplified and is straightforward both before and after it has been performed, which can result in time and money. 

Ingress Protection Rating

The IP rating, or Ingress Protection rating, indicates how well protected a rented LED screen is from both water and solid objects. The higher the IP rating, the greater the level of protection afforded to your LED screens from potential threats posed by the environment. Our Outdoor Rental LED Display  has a solid knowledge of these concepts, it will be easier for you to select the LED displays that are the best fit for your rental needs as it is much protected and crafted with high IP Rating.


Since the Outdoor LED wall is compatible with a wide variety of input signals, its operation can make use of many channels simultaneously. Users are now easily and conveniently configure the management of the information to be posted on the LED screen. In this regard, the option of making use of whatever is accessible to them is made possible. These input signals are made easier to process by a video processor, derived from RGBlink, VDWALL, or Magnimage.


Outdoor Rental LED Screen Applications

Renting an outdoor LED screen is a great option for event planners on a strict budget who still want to put on a high-quality show for their audience. Due of the ease with which outdoor LED screens may be installed, it is possible to employ and set up screens without having to pay such professionals. Also, its versatility has also contributed to its popularity. Outdoor Rental LED Screen’s applications are as follows:

  • Concerts
  • Exhibits
  • Trade Shows
  • Shopping Malls
  • Community Programs

Outdoor Rental LED Screen Manufacturer and Supplier in China

To guarantee that each and every one of our customers will have the absolute greatest experience possible with their LED displays, we tailored each of our goods and services specifically to the requirements of each individual consumer. The fulfillment of the needs of our customers is our topmost focus.
Since YuChip makes it a priority to offer only the very finest rental LED screen services, our company has established itself as the leading solution supplier in the LED market.
Transparent LED Screen Manufacturer

A Quick Pitch for YuChip: Why Should You Choose Us?

Making something unique to show the world! We have worked with some of the major companies, corporate teams, and event managers in the globe over the past 14 years to provide cutting-edge led screen solutions. Our pioneering work with LED screens, high standards of quality, and unparalleled effectiveness have made us household names around the world today.
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We Plan Your Future; YuChip helps you anticipate consumer demands for creativity. The future is promising with our wide range of items.
We Build Your Needs; The LED Screens offered by YuChip make use of expert technology and are developed with the intention of fulfilling the expectations of the foreseeable future.
We Realize Your Dream; YuChip is in the unique position of being able to freely research and pioneer new technological developments. In order to suit the needs of our customers, LEDs have radically altered the design parameters of luminaires. It enables us to realize your dreams through displaying light in novel and captivating ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got further questions? We are happy to provide answers to any and all of your concerns.

How Can I Get a Quote For The Outdoor Rental LED Screen?

We have round-the-clock quote availability and excellent customer service. Providing us with specifics such as size, style, and power will help us provide you with an accurate outdoor led screen rental price. Tell us about your financial constraints so we can do our best to accommodate them. Email now at manager@yuchip.com!

What Is Your Minimum Order Quantity Of The Order?

With YuChip, we can cater to the quantities of orders you specify through effective and efficient production. A single item from our wares can be ordered if that’s all that tickles your fancy. YuChip is thrilled and excited in anticipation of the moment when you will place your order with them. Plus! We definitely assure you that our company is going to make sure you get the product based on the specifications you give us.

Which Additional Services Might Users Anticipate In Starting Their LED Rental Project?

First, well-around services include timely after-sale services and technical support during the whole installation process. Second, sound and power supply are usually included in your rental rate. Lastly, a LED technician onsite for the installation, operation and disassembling of the screen.

Can I Get a Sample Before Place The Order?

If you want a better overview of the product, you can request for a sample that includes some of the product’s modules and spare parts. Before moving further with your order, we will await your review or approval of the previous steps. We will need three to seven business days to make your sample and mail it to you. 

Can You Make Customized Outdoor Rental LED Screen?

Yes, we are able to modify outdoor rental LED screens in order to make them conform exactly to the specifications you provide. LED components allow for a wide range of settings to be personalized by the end user. These include pixel pitches, sizes, shapes, and designs. Want to know what customizations is best for you? Contact our team and we will be glad to assist you. 

What Is The Warranty For Your Outdoor Rental LED Screen?

Our tradition values achievement to a very high degree. Our Outdoor LED Screens come with a warranty that is between three and five years long, are constructed with LEDs and drivers of the highest quality, and are put through extensive testing before being shipped.

Have More Questions?

What are the best discounts and promotions? We are here to respond to any questions you may have around the clock. Reach out to us!

How To Buy An Outdoor Rental LED Screen - A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Rental outdoor LED screens are in high demand for presenting entertainment these days. Competition for outdoor LED display rentals is on the rise as the significance of public-area advertising, promotion, marketing, and message projecting grow. Renting an LED screen is a specialized service for usage in the theater and other artistic settings. In this situation, it’s crucial to plan out the specifics you’ll need to hire one. To learn more about the Outdoor Rental LED Screen, read here. 

What Is An Outdoor Rental LED Screen?

Outdoor Rental LED Screen refers to screens that may be rented outdoors and are substantially greater than any device intended for specific use. These displays are designed to fulfill the demands of mass watching by a vast crowd of people. Additionally, it is constructed from an outdoor LED waterproof die-cast aluminum shell, and the various components of the case may be customized to meet a wide range of requirements.

What Are The Benefits Of Installing An Outdoor Rental LED Display?

The product has many advantages, including great translucency, an enhanced level of safety, lightweight construction, an easy method of establishment, and many more. It is possible to use it in any direction, both indoors and outdoors, and it may be quickly assembled and disassembled to meet the requirements of a variety of onstage characteristics. 

Such benefits of an Outdoor Rental LED Display are:

  1. Superior Publicity Chance – LED outdoor displays to generate a significant influence on marketing by putting the advertising message on the leading edge of the audience’s attention. There is no better method to convey your brand to a large audience than by renting a huge outdoor LED Screen. 
  2. Full command over the delivery of your message – a business that sponsors its own events using its own digital signage has ultimate control over the message it conveys to potential customers. This can be accomplished by deploying an outdoor LED display screen to attract customers with promotions, short-term special offers, and flash prices.
  3. Outstanding Capabilities in the Optical Area- The display possesses an IC with an extremely powerful refresh rate and an LED chip with a high integrity; it also possesses remarkable disparity, a vast viewing convergence, anti-glowing, and a broad color spectrum. It brings together extraordinary optical performance and activity.
  4. Enthusiasm – Large LED screens unite a crowd by centering attention on the panel and elevating the experience of the event’s aesthetics.
  5. Mobility- Users have the freedom to travel and change locations quickly because of the mobility, or flexibility, afforded by the setup’s simplicity.

What Are The Technical Considerations In Buying An Outdoor Rental LED Screen?

  1. Pixel Pitches – The pixel pitch is crucial when thinking about the viewing distance. In this case, it is recommended to get a high pixel pitch for outdoor led screen rentals because viewers will be further away.
  2. Size- Recognize the aspect ratio when choosing the right size LED wall for your occasion. This is the correlation between the height and width of a digital screen.
  3. Shape – LED screen for rent is most frequently found in either huge curved or flat circular forms. It is important to consider the needs of your event or company when deciding on a form of led display.

What Are The Construction Methods Of An Outdoor Rental LED Screen?

Popular techniques for installing an outdoor rental video walls include: 

  • Column type – The outdoor led screen can be installed in single column or double column type, making it ideal for use in a wide variety of settings.
  • Roof-mounted – Installation takes place primarily on the building’s roof. The minimum required wind resistance increases proportionally with the building’s elevation.
  • Mosaic – The entire backlit LED display is built into the wall. There is no difference in height between the display plane and the surrounding wall. As a rule, it uses a basic box shape and front-access maintenance.
  • Wall-mounted – LED Screen hire is simply embedded through solid walls.  Only the visible portion of the display steel framework needs to be accessible for maintenance.
  • Hanging – A screen that can “fly” is what it looks like. That means an aerial rack system or some other ceiling structural components will be used to affix the display.

How To Choose An Outdoor Rental LED Screen?

  1. Find a reliable service provider – Select a reputable firm first by reading customer reviews and comments. Ask for examples of how the company applied your ideas in unique situations with their previous customers.
  2. Prioritize the quality products and services rather than cheap options – Since LED displays are not considered consumer electronics, they require professional technical instruction and maintenance in order to function properly. Such includes manufacturing of quality products that are functional and reliable which cheap options do not certainly offer. 
  3. Make a Reservation Ahead of Time – You can avoid disappointment by reserving the screens in advance, especially if they are in high demand. You should start carrying out the strategy as soon as feasible if you have one.
  4. Ensure You Have the Proper Aspect Ratio – Be mindful of the screen resolution while creating material for rented LED video walls. You can create display files in several resolutions, such as 1280×720, 1920×1080, etc., if your video wall is 16:9. Larger file sizes do not improve image quality, so don’t waste time and space on unnecessary upgrades.
  5. Maintain Simplicity and Clarity – Readers will value concise, thematic content more than information with numerous lengthy sentences. Customers may feel more at ease if the wording is simplified, enlarged, and bolded while providing clear and exact details.

Why Choose An Outdoor Rental LED Screen From YuChip?

The LED advertising screen was eager to make its way into our life and swiftly spread to every nook and cranny. It’s common knowledge that enormous screens that display advertisements on Led technology can be found in public spaces. Outdoor media advertising relies heavily on video playing to get its message out to the public and generate revenue.

In this instance, it is considerably crucial to find a dependable service provider that has been in the sector for a decade. YuChip’s state-of-the-art manufacturing plant and highly trained staff allow them to produce high-quality Outdoor Rental LED Screens. With us, you can rest assured that your investment is in good hands.


Along with its many features which include high-quality pictures, a long viewing distance and the capacity to view by a mass audience simultaneously, longevity, and versatility, LED rental display can be a powerful ally in your efforts to expand your marketing operations. It has the potential to increase profits and delight customers at your own specifications.

We hope you have gained some useful knowledge about renting an LED display screen from this article. If you have a need for such a powerful screen, now is the time to put them into practice. Clients are more than welcome to get in touch with us here at YuChip. Hurry now and send us an inquiry! We are glad to assist you right away. 

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