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Outdoor LED Poster Display

Pixel pitches

The pixel pitches of the YUCHIP LED poster are as follows: P1.86, P1.9, P2, P2.5, and P3. The P2.5 LED poster is by far the most well-known model available today.

Slim extrusion technology

Slim extrusion technology is used exclusively to create Outdoor LED Poster Displays. This ultra-slim LED poster frame made of extruded aluminum is guaranteed to have the best toughened glass cover in the industry. Additionally, it comes with a warranty for the detachable LED poster frame. 

Intelligent control functioning

Each intelligent LED poster may be controlled individually via a mobile phone, iPad, or personal computer. Additionally, the content that is displayed on the LED poster may be quickly updated via Wifi, USB, HDMI, Local Area Network, and the Cloud.