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Outdoor LED Poster Display

Pixel pitches

The pixel pitches of the YUCHIP LED poster are as follows: P1.86, P1.9, P2, P2.5, and P3. The P2.5 LED poster is by far the most well-known model available today.

Slim extrusion technology

Slim extrusion technology is used exclusively to create Outdoor LED Poster Displays. This ultra-slim LED poster frame made of extruded aluminum is guaranteed to have the best toughened glass cover in the industry. Additionally, it comes with a warranty for the detachable LED poster frame. 

Intelligent control functioning

Each intelligent LED poster may be controlled individually via a mobile phone, iPad, or personal computer. Additionally, the content that is displayed on the LED poster may be quickly updated via Wifi, USB, HDMI, Local Area Network, and the Cloud.

Indoor LED Poster Display

You may enjoy the benefits of an unbroken image with Indoor LED Displays. This is made possible by the seamless integration of our LED display systems, which work together to produce a high-quality display that is free of the visual barriers that are typically presented in LCD and traditional video walls.

YuChip’s fully integrated, direct view LED display technologies are suitable for practically every indoor application, whether it be enormous digital signage hung in an airport or high-detail information viewed up close in a boardroom. Our indoor LED is the solution since it offers the industry’s finest pixel pitches (as small as 0.6 mm) as well as a wide choice of optical and mechanical attributes from which to select.

With the help of our Understanding Seeing Distance guidelines, acquiring the video wall displays that have the ideal pixel pitch for your location and the people who will be viewing them is an easy process. The finished product is a sophisticated and fashionable canvas for displaying visual material. It also creates a great representation of your brand, which is certain to attract attention and turn heads in your direction.

LED screens are frequently seen in large indoor locations with high amounts of ambient light, such as shopping malls and sports facilities. This type of environment is ideal for LED screens because the display’s high brightness image is not affected by the ambient light. Indoor LED Displays provide the finest platform for advertising and showing material in locations with significant foot traffic. These displays have excellent brightness, which attracts the attention of people walking by, and they produce a fantastic image that is customized to your audience’s preferences.

You may enjoy the benefits of an unbroken image with LED Displays. This is made possible by the seamless integration of our LED display systems, which work together to produce a high-quality display that is free of the visual barriers that are typically present in LCD video walls. A type of urban equipment known as an LED poster can be used to display information both outside and inside of buildings. It might be a column, poster, nomad LED screen, or something else. LED street furniture is a format that is highly adaptable.

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BENEFITS: Indoor LED Poster Display

The Indoor LED Poster Display is a once-in-a-lifetime investment for everyone, including you. Digital signage is in high demand due to the extensive use of transparent screens, therefore now is the ideal moment to make the investment.

LED Poster

Enhance Interactivity Inside Premise

When these technologies are adapted and integrated with LED advertising, the promise of generating fully interactive advertising experiences may be realized. These experiences have the potential to alter how businesses engage with consumers and how they are viewed. Augmented reality, in particular, elicits a fantastic response from viewers.

Featuring: Plug and Play Setting

The YUCHIP LED poster comes equipped with its own media player, and its operation is as simple as "plug and play." You are able to post photos and videos by using our free mobile app. Check out the instructions on how to program LED posters.

90 Degree Movable Stand

YUCHIP's Indoor LED Poster Display includes a movable stand with a 90-degree angle that has a two-part design that is one of a kind, six stainless steel screws that allow for quick assembly, a stand board weight of 20 kilograms that can withstand heavy impacts, and four wheels that allow the iPoster LED to be moved anywhere freely.

Wide Variety of Sizes

In addition to the conventional LED poster dimension of 640 mm by 1920 mm, we can also create bespoke LED posters for you in a variety of sizes, resolutions, installation techniques, and so on. At the same time, our team of technical professionals developed the outdoor LED poster using cutting-edge technology that is extremely scalable, dependable, and feature-rich.

Convertible to circumstances

An LED poster display is capable of functioning on its own. During this time, you can use the HDMI connections to connect many LED posters together to create one large screen (6pcs of P1.86 resolution is higher than Full HD). Check out the instructions on how to cascade LED posters.

Low-maintenance—easy to keep up

Your Indoor LED Poster Display requires minimal maintenance since LED strips have a high life expectancy and can be updated fast and easily without the need to replace the complete module. Since it can be repaired from both the back and the front, it saves a lot of time and effort.

Glass LED Screen | 1000x500mm Series Parameters

YUCHIP, one of the most prominent producers of LED Display Ball in China, offers a diverse selection of pixel pitch, customized transparent LED displays, curved transparent LED screens, bespoke transparent LED display board sizes, and more.

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