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LED Screen Transparent 1000x1000mm Extrusion Aluminum

Pixel pitches

You have a choice of pixel pitches ranging from P3.91 to P10.4. With a wide variety of sizes as well as other parameters to select from.and others that are tailored to meet your specific requirements.


The LED Transparent Screen weighs between 6 kg and 10 kg less per cabinet as it does not have internal pieces but instead has bars. It indicates that you will be able to save both power and effort during the process of installing, maintaining, and taking it apart for changing venues.

Long Life Span

The LED Screen Transparent has a long life expectancy of up to 12 years. It suggests a wider range of applications, including advertising, display, and more. In the long run, you might expect a return on investment that is much greater than the initial investment.


Transparent LED Screen 1000x500mm Extrusion Aluminum

Having a thickness of less than a millimeter, these transparent LED displays blend in with their surroundings easily. Each segment of liquid crystal material on the screens has a specified spacing of 5 nm between sections of glass.

For nearly two decades now, transparent LED panels have been one of the most attractive investment opportunities. They have been functioning at their best and purpose in the industrial sector for such businesses, especially in the advertising aspect. These screens are also being used by a significant number of people as digital signage screens and for transparent video walls. People utilize a high-quality led display screen because it provides a better display, and they also use it to promote a product, content, and services.

With a permeation ratio of between 50 and 90 percent and a thickness of 10 millimeters, the YuChip LED Transparent Screen 1000x500mm Extrusion Aluminum has proven to be one of the best solutions for use in commercial settings. Because of its unique materials, installation procedures, and durable structures, it has gained a competitive advantage over other LED screens that are already on the market. What sets transparent LEDs apart from their competitors is a multi-faceted technological innovation that isn’t a technical advance but rather a trend that is sweeping the world like a typhoon. Also! Their sophisticated technical support ensures that energy is conserved, product quality is maintained, and the environment is protected.

LED Transparent Screen is an excellent option for transparent screen installations that are to be located either indoors or outdoors. It surpasses your expectations for viewing in the great outdoors thanks to its high-quality cabinet materials, such as its high-precision extrusion aluminum. Additionally, it possesses a variety of qualities, including low power consumption, simple maintenance, great adaptability, and waterproofing, amongst many others.

As a result, the Curved Transparent LED Display is applicable to virtually all store applications, including retail, hospitality, other entertainment, and leisure centers. Some examples of these types of stores are luxury brand stores and gadget stores.

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BENEFITS: LED Transparent Display | 1000x500mm

The LED Screen Transparent is a once-in-a-lifetime investment for everyone, including you. Digital signage is in high demand due to the extensive use of transparent screens, therefore now is the ideal moment to make the investment.


Adds to the overall attractiveness of the product

YuChip’s Transparent LED Screen features its overall attractiveness added to the product displayed and advertised. One of the best things about transparent LED lighting is that it maintains the aesthetic integrity of the structure while also decreasing security threats.

Extremely Adaptable and Flexible

High flexibility and waterproof qualities are provided by the Curved Transparent LED Display’s IP65 rating, making it ideal for outdoor fixed installations. The “floating object” created by the LED Transparent Display gives the viewer a hologram.

Hear: Noise Reduction Technology

High-quality screen driver chips are used to provide remarkable contrast on the panels of ransparent LED displays. Constant-current noise reduction technology has been developed by manufacturers in order to ensure that the screen is protected from the impacts of various noise sources, so ensuring that images generated on the screen are not hindered or disturbed in any way.

Panel that is Both Translucent and Very Slim

You can see the things behind the YuChip’s LED panel and display solutions if it has a transparency level of between 70 and 95 percent. The LED cabinet is made out of a relatively thin panel, which simplifies the process of installing and maintaining the Curved Transparent LED Display.

Low-maintenance—easy to keep up

Your Transparent LED wall requires minimal maintenance since LED strips have a high life expectancy and can be updated fast and easily without the need to replace the complete module. Since it can be repaired from both the back and the front, it saves a lot of time and effort.

Applicability in Numerous Situations

Since it doesn’t obstruct views, lights, or passageways on building sides, the Curved Transparent LED Display is an excellent choice for installations of this type. The design is ideal for hotels, marquees, casinos, bars and nightclubs, digital stores, luxury brands, shopping malls, museums, exhibits, trade shows, and many more applications.

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