Indoor LED Screen

YuChip is the leading Indoor LED Screen manufacturer and supplier in China. We are dedicated to showcasing the wonderful world by developing products and solutions for both Outdoor and Indoor LED displays that are at the forefront of the industry.
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Showcased Indoor LED Screens

At YuChip, products are greatly inclined with high-standard components and small pixel pitches. The indoor LED screen provides consistent and reliable operation over time, as well as a high-quality visual experience in terms of content display, brightness, and refresh rate of sound. 


Indoor P1.86 LED Screen

With a pixel pitch of only 1.86, this choice is perfect for close-up or intermediate viewing. Its high resolution and clarity is highly reliable in displaying detailed visuals. Additionally, this is the most advanced model available,which can play both 2KHD and 4KHD video playbacks.

Indoor P2.0 LED Screen

In order to achieve such vivid images and appearance, a P2 LED wall has a pixel pitch of 2, which represents small region and concentrated placements of diodes in a module. Better hues and softer outlines are the fruits of SMD technology, which is used in LED walls of P2 quality.

Indoor P2.5 LED Screen

High pixel densities are preferable, and the P2.5 LED Display’s 160000 pixels are a good indicator of this. With a high pixel density, you can enjoy clearer images, recognizable texts, and a generally satisfying viewing experience.

Indoor P3.0 LED Screen

Exceptional stability even at low brightness levels is a feature of the P3 indoor led screen. When compared to standard panels, the 85mm depth and 16kg weight of these offer significant cost savings during shipment and set up. Also! It has front-facing accessibility and maintenance functions for users.

Indoor P3.91 LED Screen

When it comes to indoor LED Displays, the P3.91 Indoor LED Screen is the go-to option due to its excellent resolution, low price, and wide availability. In addition, the horizontal and vertical viewing ranges are sufficiently large to make it appropriate for use in a broad range setting.

Indoor P4.0 LED Screen

The brightness of a P4 LED screen can be adjusted dramatically to a maximum of 1,000 greatest hits to accommodate the unpredictable environmental lighting. The screen’s reasonable refresh rate is also great for watching videos without experiencing any screen tearing or flickering.

Indoor P5.0 LED Screen

Capture attention quickly and improve advertisements’ effectiveness with our indoor led screen in Pixel of 5. The P5’s indoor display has an exceptionally high dynamics brightness combined with its ultra-high definition (UHD) picture quality, this combination will provide you with an experience of unparalleled visual enjoyment.

Indoor P6.0 LED Screen

The P6 Indoor LED is an excellent choice for live feed switching. It offers excellent visual performance, durability, a long life expectancy and is compatible with a wide range of application areas.

Indoor P7.62 LED Screen

The P7 Inside LED Display is the ideal panel design for indoor use, as it is thin, lightweight yet size sufficient enough for visual appearances. Due to the optimized layout, the LED screen’s pixel pitch can display images in stunning fidelity.

Indoor P8.0 LED Screen

For interior settings like conferences, restaurants, meetings, and similar events, the P6 takes pride in being an ideal choice. The Superior LEDs provided by this led screen features its sharp image, bright colors, a broad viewing angle, and cutting-edge technology for reliabiltiy.

Indoor P10.0 LED Screen

The P10 LED display board is a popular and effective medium for outdoor advertising, monitoring, and user interaction in retail and public buildings. Any outdoor space can benefit greatly from the addition of a P10 LED display screen, which will inject it with more vibrancy, enthusiasm, and innovation.

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Indoor LED Screen in a wide variety of sizes and designs. Over the years, YuChip has produced a significant number of different designs that might fit your LED Screen preferences and needs. Along with our famous pixels, its features and competitive prices makes it an outstanding one. Grab our catalog today!

Special Features

High Contrast

The high contrast feature is an significant consideration for led screens selection. When an Indoor LED Display is put behind glass, it retains its visibility regardless of the amount of light present, making it possible for the screen to be viewed even when exposed to direct sunshine.

Viewing Distance

Such unique to modern led screen indoor is a pixel pitch as small as 1 mm, allowing for crystal-clear viewing from even a short distance away. In addition, there are no visible seams between the cabinets, allowing for a seamless, eye-popping display on the enormous interior led panels.

Incredibly Adaptable

One of the greatest benefits of indoor led walls is the adaptability it offer. As Indoor LED Screens are applicable to any events, it is highly recommended to be utilized. They can be customized to meet every company’s unique structure, interior design, and can be built into existing fixtures.

Easy Maintenance

The front-facing accessibility and maintenance features are a welcome addition to the indoor fixed display making it a user-friendly one. The module can be removed from the cabinet with the help of a magnet. The interior can be inspected for damage or dirtiness from this vantage point.

Indoor LED Screen Applications

Indoor LED Screen is compact and made for retailers and enterprises with big window displays or for groups with specific display goals. Most companies strive to build brand recognition and client loyalty by making their products and services instantly recognizable to as many people as possible. The following are the applications of Indoor LED Screen:

  • Conference Rooms
  • Indoor Stadiums
  • Sales Gallery
  • Reception Hall
  • Sports Hall

Indoor LED Screen Manufacturer and Supplier in China

YuChip’s experience in LED display production and projection spans more than 17 years. To better understand the demands of the local markets, we undertake mutual visits between our customers every year and also attend international exhibits in various countries and areas. Finally, we developed the most effective LED sign to completely delight our clients.
In line with this, Yuchip’s high-quality indoor LED screen features an ultra-wide viewing angle of 160 degrees, allowing you to enjoy an unparalleled graphical presentation. Our premium driver IC allows us to achieve a high refresh rate of 3840HZ, which results in a visually smooth and flicker-free LED display.
Transparent LED Screen Manufacturer

A Quick Pitch for YuChip: Why Should You Choose us?

Crafting creatively and showing the wonderful world! Over the past 14 years, we have provided innovative led screen solutions to the world’s largest corporations, commercial groups, and event organizers. Our LED screen innovations, superior quality, and unmatched performance are well-known throughout the world.
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We Plan Your Future;YuChip contributes to setting up your market’s needs for innovation. A bright future awaits you, and we have the products to make it so.
We Build Your Needs; The LED Displays produced by YuChip include cutting-edge technology and are manufactured to fulfill the requirements of the future.
We Realize Your Dream; Unlike any other company, YuChip is in a position to freely explore and pioneer new technology advances. LEDs have drastically changed the design characteristics of infrastructures and mode of advertising to fulfill the requirements of our clients. Your hopes and desires can be realized via the creative use of light.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any other queries? Whenever you have any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How Can I Get a Quote For The Indoor LED Screen?

Emails with price quote inquiries should be addressed to and sent in at any time. Determine the required size, as well as the amount of electricity consumed and the color reproduction. Simply provide us with your Material Bill of Materials and the specifications you need, and we will take care of everything else!

What Is Your Minimum Order Quantity Of The Order?

You are able to put in an arrangement for any product that captivates your attention with as little as one individual product. YuChip is overjoyed and full of joy in the anticipation of the moment when you will place your order with them. We will provide the goods to you in accordance with the specifications that you have provided.

How Much Does an Indoor LED Screen Cost?

The price of an indoor led video wall is determined by the needs of your indoor LED project; these requirements will also tell you how much your indoor LED wall will cost. You can get in touch with us right away if you’d like an accurate pricing estimate for the indoor LED product you’re interested in, and we will provide you a quote as soon as possible!

Can I Get a Sample Before Place The Order?

In order to guarantee your complete satisfaction with our products and services, we are happy to provide free trials of our software, hardware, and labor. If you want confidence that our products are of the highest quality, it is up to us to give it to you. Trial periods typically last between three and seven days.

Can You Make Customized Indoor LED Screen?

Definitely! We are able to make adjustments to indoor LED displays in order to make them perfectly adhere to the requirements that you provide. LED components provide the end user with the ability to configure a broad variety of settings by themselves. Pixel pitches, sizes, forms, and patterns are all part of these configuration options.

What Is The Warranty For Your Indoor LED Screen?

The level of importance placed on achievement is really high in our community. All of the components in our Indoor LED Screens, including the LEDs and controllers, are of the finest quality, and the screens themselves undertake rigorous testing before being shipped out, all of which contributes to the three to five year warranty that we offer.

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How To Buy An Indoor LED Screen - A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Indoor LED display screens are a cutting-edge method of reaching your market, customers, and guests.  This widely recognized brilliant and digital device is an extremely valuable and potent piece of technology that may completely transform the look of your business, store, or message.

What Is An Indoor LED Screen?

Investing in an Indoor LED screen can be a game-changer for your advertising campaign, not to mention a visually arresting addition to your store’s interior. Indoor LED Screen pertains to large and medium-sized LED displays technology utilized indoors. These indoor full color led displays eliminate the need for seams between individual panels, making it possible to display a high-resolution image across a wide area.

In addition, you have the option of selecting LEDs that have a very high light output. This will allow you to create an indoor LED display that is completely legible even when viewed from the outside in direct sunshine, even if the display is behind a window.

What Are The Benefits Of Installing An Indoor LED Screen?

Prior to actually diving into the specifics of why indoor fixed LED displays are so well-liked and extensively accepted by the public, it’s important to establish what exactly these displays are, what sets them apart from the competition, and how they will help  you: 

The benefits of an Indoor LED Screen are:

  • Harmonious and Seamless Connection – LED displays are in such high demand that technological advancements in the display industry will continue uninterrupted. Popularity for indoor LED displays has increased, prompting rapid innovation in the field. With its greater modular size of LED and illumination changes, the YuChip LED display screen is an ideal option for a smooth connection when used in collaboration with other displays to form a massive LED video wall. The end effect is a marked reduction in instances of video hiccups.

  • Better Visibility and Exposure – The indoor LED display serves a variety of functions and is highly visible. It makes use of cutting-edge tech to boost clarity, resolution, and pixel quality, resulting in stunning on-screen presentation. All the action can be seen from various perspectives on these screens. The LED screen has such high resolution and color saturation that it may be used for other purposes outside just watching movies at home.

  • Versatility and Consistency –  LED displays are the only electronic device that do not require any additional protection, work, or hassle in order to be placed making it a versatile one. These displays are extremely adaptable. It brings for a perceptible and visible concentration of the audience’s attention on the massive screen. In addition to this, it improves your reputation and makes public announcements about your product, brand, or business by presenting it consistently.

  • Highly durable – LED displays are typically constructed out of long-lasting materials such as robust acrylic, which helps to increase the screens’ endurance in comparison to other basic and common illumination components that are now accessible. These LED displays do not consist of layers of glass that are very thin. For this, they do not have a high propensity to shatter easily. Furthermore, the LEDs may even endure about 100 000 hours. Durability at its finest!

  • Flexible and dimensional size  – You can choose from square, rectangular, small, large, flat, or curved indoor fixed LED display screens, all of which are high quality and offer a variety of display size options. With the right specifications, these LED displays can be made in any size or design. Indoor fixed LED display screens are often lightweight, adaptable, and good at dissipating heat.

  • Affordability and cost measured – Value for money is excellent with the indoor fixed LED screen. This is due to the fact that it serves multiple purposes and lasts for a very long time. There is reduced energy use and waste, and it is simple to set up and keep running. The buyer can choose the exact dimensions of the LED screen to suit their needs. It’s great for advertising, and it can be put to use in a wide variety of settings, including businesses, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, and more.

What Are The Technical Considerations In Buying An Indoor LED Screen?

  • Screen Size – The first step is to determine the optimal display size for your purposes. LED displays come in a wide range of sizes and forms on the market. It’s vital that you get the right size for your needs. A moderately sized LED screen is sufficient for most home entertainment applications. The decision to use a large LED panel will ensure that even the farthest staff can see the information provided. Larger screens are great for outdoor events like weddings and stadiums.
  • Display Brightness and Contrast – Before making a purchase, it’s important to consider the environment and setting in which your screen will be used. Use this guide to determine how bright of a screen you require. For instance, a  600 nits LED screen may be the brightest and most suitable option for an indoor LED display. The brightness of the screen you see when walking down the street is often approximately 2,000 nits. A screen with a nit rating of less than 6000 is useless in direct sunlight or other excessively bright conditions. Screen brightness of around 12000 nits is ideal for images that viewers will be watching from further away. To reach a wider audience from further away, screens will need to be brighter. You can use it to guarantee a high-quality viewing experience regardless of lighting or other factors.
  • Viewing Angle – How many people can see the screen at once depends on the viewing angle. It’s important to have a broader viewing angle if more people will be using the display at once. The encapsulation of the LED determines the viewing angle of the display. Therefore, if you can afford it, better-LED encapsulation is the way to go. A fantastic field of view will be provided by them.

What Are The Construction Methods Of An Indoor LED Screen?

Common methods for constructing video walls in the great indoors include:

  • Wall Mounted –The screen is mounted directly on the wall.
  • Hanging – The screen is elevated from a frame above it.
  • Truss Supported – The screen is held aloft by aluminum trussing.
  • Ground Supported – The screen rests on the ground and is supported by the surface itself.

How To Find An Affordable Indoor LED Screen When The Budget for the Project Is Set in Stone?

It is necessary to have knowledge of the LED Display’s screen size and setup needs before answering this inquiry of indoor led screen price. However, if you’re looking for a cheap, high-quality LED screen, this post is not for you. We can bring you the best possible setup for a reasonable price. Here’s how it all breaks down:

  1. Economical; the display needs just a normal presentation of visuals and text.

    LED indoor screens are expensive, so even if they pass a certain threshold of quality assurance (which they should if they can show images and text normally), they should be of a specific standard.

  2. Detail the proper setup and cabinet; no need to include electrical input. – Costs can be minimized by substituting the power supply with one of the same quality once the IC, LED type, cabinet, and maintenance strategy have all been settled upon.

  3. Defined the configuration and the source of power, but has insufficient fund for this.

    In this scenario, you may want to think about upgrading to a less expensive LED Cabinet.

    This project, for instance, 1.92m screen size. Since it is a perfect fit for our Die-casting aluminum cabinet Indoor series, it is our top pick. In any case, if you’re worried about costs, just acquire a basic steel storage cabinet.

    Steel cabinets may have a bigger gap than Die-cast cabinets, but if the cabinets are installed properly, the viewer’s experience won’t be negatively impacted.

Why Choose An Indoor LED Screen From YuChip?

LED displays that are installed indoors can be utilized for a wide variety of applications and serve a variety of functions, among other uses and benefits. They can be employed at numerous sites for multiple aims. YuChip  is one of the most prominent global providers of solutions for  indoor advertising led display screen , and the company specializes in offering a one-stop shop for design, research and development, manufacture, and distribution of its products. 

We provide you with high-quality indoor LED display panels as well as great customer service. As a result of our commitment to ongoing innovation and ongoing progress, we currently have a research and development staff consisting of many engineers, and we have received numerous patents up to this point. When it comes to partners, you can count on us beyond all points.

Definitely! YuChip are able to modify outdoor LED screens in order to make them conform precisely to your specifications. LED Screen components allow for a wide range of settings to be personalized by the end user. These settings include pixel pitches, sizes, shapes, and designs.


In today’s highly competitive business world, a willingness to explore limitless possibilities with cutting-edge technology is one of the most important differentiating elements that can be offered by a company. You can’t put the Indoor LED Screen out of your mind for any reason.

LED displays used indoors are far more lightweight than other kinds of digital screens. In addition, the anchoring system that we have implemented on our LED screens produces a firm union between each panel, which makes installation much less complicated than it already was.  It has been demonstrated over the course of many years to be more successful than any other form of advertising, including the once-prevalent billboard.

Join the current trend of using digital LED platforms, and you can immediately begin to enjoy the advantages of using technology. Send us your inquiry today!

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