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YuChip is an Outdoor LED Screen Manufacturer & Supplier in China. We are committed to providing our clients with high-performance Outdoor LED Screen solutions that meet their requirements.

We have superior manufacturing units and extensive experience with business, industry, and domestic led screen installations, as well as professional experience in the led screen sector.

Featured Outdoor LED Screens

YuChip’s led screen technology is cutting edge and useful in a variety of settings. Landscapes, factories, parking facilities, buildings, and other open areas can be transformed into one-of-a-kind settings with the help of our Outdoor LED screen. We provide a variety of options for power, color temperature, style, and installation to match your needs.


Classical Outdoor LED Screen

Even in direct sunlight, the rich exterior of the Classical Outdoor LED Screen delivers fascinating brightness. Plus! The durable cabinet guarantees clients reliable and cost-effective outdoor solutions. This indicates that the screen will have an exceptionally long life expectancy regardless of climate change. Pixel pitch spans from P2.5 to P16, comprised of P2.5, P2.6, P2.9, P3, P4, P5, P6, P6.67, P8, P10, and P16.


Front-Service Outdoor LED Screen Display

The Front-Service Outdoor LED Screen Display features a compact design, moisture resistance, and simple cable connections. This outdoor LED sign is great as a double-sided advertisement because it can be easily maintained from both sides. Pixel pitch goes from P2.9 to P3.91, P4.8 to P5, P5.95 to P6.67, P8 to P10, and finally P16.


Ultra-Thin Outdoor LED Display

Outdoor LED Display in Ultra-Thin variant is the perfect fit for highly definitive visuals. Once installed, the item is simple to navigate and ready for use. It combines dynamic tones and dims in response to programmed instructions. Suitable for receptions, conferences, photoshoots, musicals, theatrical productions, and stage lighting. Excellent pixel pitch varies between P2.5, P3.076, P4, P5, P6.67, and P10.

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Special Features


Highly-Defined Resolution

The high definition led display has no borders around the screen. It has exceptional brightness and delivers colors that are both realistic and vivid. Plus! 4K LED screens update in a matter of milliseconds, so any adjustments you make are instantly visible.


Superior Heat Dissipation

With the LEDs needing to be kept cool while in operation, it is imperative that such considerations be given due weight. Our outdoor LEDs are built with heat dissipation in mind, so the junction temperature is kept at an optimal level to ensure maximum efficiency.

Waterproof & Dustproof

LED screen displays are typically positioned across expansive areas. With these things in mind, Our outdoor LED screens have a waterproof grade of IP65. Such feature indicates that they are built to endure any and all types of weather at any time of the day!


Long-Life Span

With regular servicing and expert installation, our outdoor display can last for more than decades. These figures may change slightly from one model but the truth remains largely unchanged. This expected duration of life assumes perfect circumstances and conditions.









Module Size (mm*mm)
Module Resolution (pixels)
Cabinet Size (mm*mm)
960*960*90 / Customized
Scan Mode
Pixel Configuration
3 in 1
LED Lamps

Pixel Density (pixel/m²)


Max Consumption(w/m²)


Ave Consumption(w/m²)


Cabinet Weight (kg)

28 / 42 / 35


Rear Side

Cabinet Material

Die Casting Aluminum / Steel / Aluminum

Front/Rear IP Level

IP65 / IP54

Color Contrast Ratio


Gray Grade


Refresh Frequency (Hz)

1920HZ / 3840HZ

Repetition Frequency (Hz)


View Angle (V/H)


Best Viewing Distance (M)


Working Voltage

AC110 / AC220V

Working Temperature (ºc)


Operation Humidity (Rh)


Display Lifetime (Hours)


Outdoor LED Screen Applications

Outdoor LED Screens are premium LED screens designed to enhance the visual impact of your marketing and business communications. To ensure that your business has the best possible first impression, they are utilized to emphasize key points and bring attention to key visual elements.

  • Commercial Environments
  • Stadium Jumbotrons
  • Digital Billboards
  • Monument Signs
  • Musical Concerts

Outdoor LED Screen Manufacturer and Supplier in China

YuChip is the top manufacturer and supplier of outdoor LED display screens in the industry. The company was founded in 2004. Our management system is compliant with ISO 9001:2015, and the products we sell have received certification from worldwide standards.
In addition, the YUCHIP excellent outdoor LED display screen is placed and recognized in World Expo Astana. It was also acknowledged in 17th Fina World Championship, the largest amount of trailer LED screens in Germany and the largest LED screen in south America, etc.
Transparent LED Screen Manufacturer

A Quick Pitch for YuChip: Why Should You Choose us?

Crafting creatively and showing the wonderful world! Over the past 14 years, we have provided innovative led screen solutions to the world’s largest corporations, commercial groups, and event organizers. Our LED screen innovations, superior quality, and unmatched performance are well-known throughout the world.
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We Plan Your Future; YuChip participates in preparing your market demands toward innovation. With our great selection of products, your future is vibrant.
We Build Your Needs; YuChip’s LED Screens utilize state-of-the-art technology and are designed to meet the needs of the future.
We Realize Your Dream; YuChip is in the unique position of being able to freely research and pioneer new technological developments. In order to suit the needs of our customers, LEDs have radically altered the design parameters of luminaires. It enables us to realize your dreams through displaying light in novel and captivating ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got additional questions? We will gladly respond to all of your questions.

How Can I Get a Quote For The Outdoor LED Screen?

To receive a quote, simply send your inquiries on our email anytime at manager@yuchip.com. Find out the required size, power consumption, and color rendering. Provide us with your Bill of Materials and specifications, and we’ll arrange the rest!

What Is Your Minimum Order Quantity Of The Order?

You are able to place an order for as few as one unit of any product that interests you. The placement of your order is something that YuChip is looking forward to with joy and anticipation. We will supply the product according to the parameters you provide.

How Will My Outdoor LED Screen Be Mounted?

Although YuChip has developed methods for mounting all of our devices on trussing, we are aware that this is not always the best approach for permanently installing our products. Our design staff is able to assist you in the creation of customized frames and mounting that are unique to your installation.

Can I Get a Sample Before Place The Order?

We gladly provide free samples of spare parts, software and service to ensure your satisfaction before making a final purchase. Our products feature the highest quality and it’s on us to provide you assurance. The duration of the trial period varies from three to seven days.

Can You Make Customized Outdoor LED Screen?

Yes, we are able to tailor Outdoor LED Screens specifically to fit your requirements. LED components can have a variety of settings customized by the user, including pixel pitches, sizes, forms, and designs. 

What Is The Warranty For Your Outdoor LED Screen?

Our tradition values achievement to a very high degree. Our Outdoor LED Screens come with a warranty that is between three and five years long, are constructed with LEDs and drivers of the highest quality, and are put through extensive testing before being shipped.

Have More Questions?

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How To Buy An Outdoor LED Screen - A Complete Buyer’s Guide

To boost safety and visual appeal, Outdoor LED screens are an excellent choice for illuminating a building’s exterior. In addition to the usual advantages of LEDs, this variety of LED Screen also offers a wide range of possible applications.

What Is An Outdoor LED Screen?

Outdoor LED Screens are huge billboards that display advertisements, information about images or movies, and other content. They are typically positioned in open-air settings where the target audience can have their attention easily drawn to them. Furthermore, Outdoor LED Screens are built from a series of panels that are linked together. This enables the possibility to create video walls in a variety of configurations and sizes.

What Are The Benefits Of Installing An Outdoor LED Screen?

  • A Striking Eye-Catcher – People walking or driving by are more inclined to read the advertisement if it has an interesting and engaging design. Moving, colorful pictures in a video format have the potential to make a much more profound impression and draw more attention to the exhibited message. In the end, we can’t help but digest sensory information since we are visual creatures.
  • Lower installation and maintenance cost – The printing and upkeep costs for a traditional billboard are rather high. In addition to the money spent on printing, putting up a print ad requires the advertiser to pay for labor. If the light bulbs burn out or the vinyl print advertisement gets scratched, then repairs will be necessary. These are typical problems that may arise at any time.
  • Durable – LEDs are extremely long-lasting, so your new Outdoor LED Screen  will serve you well for many years to come. You won’t have to worry about replacing the led screen fixtures for a long time.
  • Multiple Color Temperatures – The color temperatures of outdoor LED displays often come in a variety of different options. Whether you’re looking for a warm, neutral, or cool white, this can be a significant consideration when selecting an LED screen for your room.
  • Greater advertising scheduling and display flexibility – With a digital billboard, an outdoor advertising agency may schedule the display of adverts for any time of day. The advertisements on a typical billboard rotate every few minutes, whereas, with a digital billboard, you can cycle through several different ads at once. 

What Are The Technical Considerations In Buying An Outdoor LED Screen?

  • Pixel Pitches – When considering viewing distance, pixel pitch is essential. Greater pixel densities (lower pitches) are needed for closer reading distances. Since people would typically be seeing outdoor video walls from greater distances, the pixel pitch is typically higher than that of interior video walls. On the other hand, a higher pitch is preferable for billboards and other large screens. 
  • Preferred Size – Common sizes for video wall panels range from 1 square meter to 4 square meters. It is to be considered that more panels are needed to create a display with a larger screen size. Larger sizes are necessary for longer viewing distances. It is significant to take into account the viewing distances of your audience, and the overall atmosphere you want to achieve when designing the size of your video wall.
  • Outdoor Durability –The IP rating indicates how well an LED panel can withstand the elements. The initials “IP” followed by two numbers indicate the ingress protection grade. The first number denotes the panel’s resistance to solids (such dirt and dust), while the second denotes its resistance to liquids (such as rain).  A minimum of an IP65 rating is necessary for use in outdoor settings with video walls. An IP rating of 65 means the device is completely safe from solids and has a high degree of protection from low-pressure liquids.

What Are The Construction Methods Of An Outdoor LED Screen?

Popular techniques for building outdoor video walls include: 

  • Mobile – A mobile screen that is attached to a vehicle or trailer.
  • Pole Mounted – A pole in the ground supports the screen.
  • Wall Mounted – We hung the screen on the wall.
  • Ground Supported – The screen is placed on the floor.
  • Truss Supported – Trussing made of aluminum is used to support the screen.
  • Hanging – There is a frame above it from which the screen hangs.

How To Choose An Outdoor LED Screen?

  1. Get in touch with a reputable service provider. It is important to reach through a reputable service provider like YuChip, so it will be a hassle-free and reliable transaction. 

  2. Consider the technical considerations of your LED Screen project namely the pixel pitches, size, and prospective location. In this case, they will take into account your needs, wants, and financial constraints as they advise you on the best course of action.

  3. Start your Outdoor LED Screen project as soon as possible! Simple and smooth as that. 

    If you’re looking for an affordable product and service that nonetheless delivers insane results, go no farther than YuChip Company, Once we’ve installed your video wall, our work is far from done. Get the best warranty and package of replacement parts in the business, with 24/7 assistance from our team.

Why Choose An Outdoor LED Screen From YuChip?

YuChip’s team of experts has extensive experience developing cutting-edge LED displays. The company has earned numerous certifications for its wares, including ISO9001, UL/ETL, CE, and RoHS. YuChip further emphasizes quality by subjecting all of its LED Screens to a rigorous quality inspection.

YuChip places a premium on both quality and novelty in its products. Over the years, this has resulted in 14 patents. This ensures that the company’s led displays consistently utilize cutting-edge technology to produce the finest potential results for their clients.


One of the most crucial differentiating aspects in today’s competitive company environment is a willingness to explore unlimited possibilities with cutting-edge technology. You can’t afford to overlook the outdoor LED digital billboard. Over the years, it has shown to be more successful than any other kind of advertising, including the once-dominant billboard.

Jump on the digital LED billboard trend and start reaping the benefits of technology today! Send us your inquiry. 

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