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Glass LED Screen 1000x500mm Die-casting Aluminum

Pixel pitches

We are able to create and provide you with a wide variety of pixel pitches for transparent LED screens, including P2.8, P3.1, P3.9, P7.8, P10.42, and others that are tailored to the specific requirements of your project.

elevated quality

Increasingly advanced and innovative signage demand is fueled by its glass-like appearance and high-quality materials. Aluminum extrusions with excellent permeability and adaptability are used in the Glass LED Screen's cabinet for its quality materials.


The energy-saving Transparent Glass LED Display 1000x500mm has a reduced power consumption than the typical display demand and is often easier to maintain than other types of displays.


Glass Transparent LED Screen 1000x500mm Extrusion Aluminum

Glass-transparent LED displays are tiny, light, and don’t require a steel frame, making them simple to install and maintain. It also has its own excellent airflow making its function well-managed. Mounted to the glass curtain wall, there is not only a sense of non-violation but also a calming effect.

A powerful and eye-catching alternative to large-format LED screens is available in the form of transparent LED technology. The picture that flashes up is produced by configuring LEDs to function in a continuous manner. This causes the mapped LEDs to display the appropriate pixel color, which is then combined to form the picture. This see-through LED effect is especially potent when integrated into a glass facade, which enables architects and designers to provide a screen solution for retail buildings that place an emphasis on glass architecture without drawing attention away from the overall appearance of the structure.

High brightness, fast refresh rate, and excellent pixel density are all features of the Glass LED Screen’s display. These include, but are not limited to, crystal-clear images and presentations, eye-catching visuals, unique video effects, and more. Glass LED Screen customization choices provide you with a wide range of characteristics, sizes, and pixel pitches to pick from. In addition, this LED screen product has a broad angle of view, distortion-free viewing, and two-way maintenance, all of which contribute to its overall beauty.

When determining the appropriate pixel pitch, it is necessary to know the perspective from which the screen will be viewed. We suggest going with a larger pixel pitch that is optimized for long-distance viewing if you intend to install your Transparent LEDs on a wide scale, such as a glass building front. This will allow viewers to see the display from further away. For applications such as storefront displays, in which viewers would be considerably closer, it is recommended to use smaller pixel pitches in order to get the highest possible image quality.

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BENEFITS: Transparent Glass LED Display | 1000x500mm

The Glass LED Screen Transparent is a once-in-a-lifetime investment for everyone, including you. Digital signage is in high demand due to the extensive use of transparent screens, therefore now is the ideal moment to make the investment.


Enhanced Visual Clarity & Brightness

In order to meet your specific needs, the YuChip’s Transparent Glass LED Screen features its brightness that can be adjusted from 1500cd/m2, 2500cd/m2, and 4500cd/m2 to 5000cd/m2 with optional features. In addition to this, the screen’s high pixel density makes it easy to make out even the most minute of features and figures.

Uninterrupted Flow of Content

Since the Glass LED SCreen displays a variety of content and is therefore able to readily attract viewers, the Glass LED Screen offers a more streamlined method of communicating information, such as promotional films, photographs, words, and a great deal more.

High Frequency Of Refreshes

The Glass LED Screen 1000x500mm has a high refresh rate (1920-3840Hz), which implies smoother content motion. Additionally, it does not flicker, does not distort images or videos, and provides speedy delivery of video or image effects.

Diversified Control and Managability

A remote cluster control that enables the Glass LED Screen 1000x500mm to be conveniently handled and managed across numerous displays at the same time is included in the display. Also, due to the peculiarities of the glass, the display is more transparent than the typical transparent display. These features permit accurate exposure on both sides.

Improved Capacity to Reduce Heat

In addition to having improved heat reduction technology, the Glass LED Screen is capable of coping with and withstanding a wide range of conditions, including low and high temperatures as well as varying degrees of humidity, making it suitable for use in outdoor applications.

Low-maintenance—easy to keep up

Your Transparent LED wall requires minimal maintenance since LED strips have a high life expectancy and can be updated fast and easily without the need to replace the complete module. Since it can be repaired from both the back and the front, it saves a lot of time and effort.