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Best Indoor and Outdoor LED Screen Supplier in China

YuChip has been committed to providing quality led screen resolution to its customers. Our Indoor and Outdoor LED Screen calibration has its precision, durability, and longevity. Reach us!

Established in 2004, our one-of-a-kind selection of led screen module, which includes rental led display, smd led display, HD led screen, and taxi top led display, has been specified for use on projects by some of the most well-known brands in the world.

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Our Certifications

International Standards

To ensure the highest level of quality, every led screen billboard at Yuchip is built by our experienced staff. It is crafted through the use of cutting-edge methods and advanced technology on a 15000 square meter production site. Consequently, a quality control checklist is manually reviewed to ensure that it matches our incredibly superior standards.

In assuring our clients, our quality management system is compliant with ISO9001-2015. The amazing LED video screens come with certifications from CE, RoHs, CCC, FCC, TUV, and BIS along with a guarantee that ranges from three to five years.

Our Team Member

Our team of highly trained and knowledgeable experts works collectively to create the greatest products. The wonderful world begins with us. 

YuChip Team Member

Rosky Xia

Founder & CEO YuChip was established in 2004 by Founder and CEO Rosky Xia. In 1996 he received a master's degree in electronic engineering from Peking University.

He has previous experience working for UT Starcom in China as the Director Engineer and Huawei as the Senior Development Manager of TeleCom. Prior to establishing YuChip, Rosky served for a period of two years as the Vice President of Guangzhou Media Holding
YuChip Team Member

Eric Zheng

Vice President
In 2010, Eric Zheng became a member of YuChip. He earned a bachelor's degree in international economy and trade from Beihua University.

Previously he worked for the Tianjin Sinotong Group as the Overseas Sales Manager. Eric also worked at DOW and Sinotong cooperation in the north China. Prior YuChip, he was employed by Chipshow for a year.
YuChip Team Member

Eileen Wong

Finance Director
Eileen Wong joined YuChip in 2009. She is in charge of YuChip's financial management. Wong earned a bachelor's degree in accounting from Tongji University in 2006.

Prior YuChip, Eileen was a primary accountant at the 3D-Gold Company for 3 consecutive years. For most of time, she worked her way up to over 12 years of practical experience working in the field of financial management.
YuChip Team Member

Ling Feng

Product Director
Ling is in charge of the company's product planning since 2007. He earned his bachelor's degree in electronic engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology in 1998.

He spent the previous years of his career in Jian Longda Photoelectric before joining YuChip. He has more than 20 years of real-world experience to the table in the realm of LED Display Research and Development. The transparent and flexible LED Screen were both inventions of Ling.
YuChip Team Member

Lutter Huang

Production Manager
Lutter Huang began his career at YuChip Company in the year 2007. He is currently in charge of the production of LED Displays and products.

In 2005, he received a bachelor of science degree in chemistry from South China Agricultural University, where he studied specialty. Lutter decided to start over from the beginning of the LED production line, moving on to QC and other departments. In addition to that, Huang has a significant depth of experience working in the chemical industry.
YuChip Team Member

Johnson Zhao

Oversea Sales Manager
In September of 2014, Johnson Zhao became a member of the Yuchip Company. His main duties include the management of international sales.

In 2014, Zhao received his bachelor's degree in global economy and trade from Zhengzhou University. His upbringing as a primary sales engineer instilled in him a strong sense of responsibility. Johnson has a wealth of experience in both the development of markets and the training of teams.
YuChip Team Member

Andy Zhao

Supply Chain Manager
Zhao joined the company in March 2010. He is in charge of supply chain management. He received his degree in logistics management from Zhongbei University in 2007.

Andy spent the previous 3 years of his career working in the Shenzhen region of DHL before joining Yuchip. Zhao has a great deal of experience in the organization and management of shipments made via express, air, sea, and railway.
YuChip Team Member

Jonas Zheng

Support Engineer In April 2015, Jonas started his journey and became a member of Yuchip. He is in charge of providing technical assistance to the customers and prospective ones.

He earned his bachelor's degree in electronic materials from Nanyang institute of Technology and later worked in the sector. Jonas spent two years working in Esdlumen prior to beginning his employment with Yuchip

Our Clients

We take great delight in honoring our most well-known customers. As part of our recognition efforts, we feature our business partners’ excellent and noteworthy enterprises.